The Lazy Workout and Exercise Plan

Forget the gym membership. Start saving time and money by incorporating a workout program into your daily routine. It’s so simple and easy, my grandma can even do it.

too lazy to work out

too lazy to work out

Too Lazy To Work Out?

For many people, exercise is a big part of their lives. They have their weekly routine, and they look forward to it. Four visits a week to the gym, loosening up with yoga stretches, or even that morning jog around the block can be so fun and rewarding. However, there are many people out there that absolutely hate exercise and don’t find any joy in a workout program at all. Is this you?

Look! I GET IT! Exercise does take a lot of effort and consistency on your part. No pain, no gain, right? And finding the motivation to get started is the most challenging part of starting an exercise plan. The last thing you want to do is be that person who signs up for a yearly gym membership but only goes to the gym twice a month. That’s just a big waste of money and it doesn’t get you anywhere.

I Have Good News

If you’re simply too lazy to work out, but you need to get in shape, you don’t have to become a marathon runner overnight. You don’t even have to join a gym, or a yoga class, or even hit the running trails every morning. Instead, start by incorporating an exercise plan into your daily routine. Yes! That’s right. You can actually exercise on your way to work, the grocery store, or any other places you frequent. It’s really that simple.

Start thinking of the places you go to on a regular basis. Your job, the grocery store, or the shopping mall. You’d be amazed at how easy an exercise plan can be when you combine different forms of exercise into your daily routines. By doing this, you are managing your time better and you’re not spending a lot of money on monthly gym memberships.

So Let’s Get Started

Skip The Elevator Next Time and Take The Stairs

Your next doctor’s appointment in that big, tall building, or that trip to the shopping mall is your opportunity to take the stairs, instead of the elevator or escalator for that matter. Heck! If you work at an office from 9-5, that will be your chance to hit the stairs five days a week, unless you work on the 13th floor that is. Again, if these are places you’re already going to, why not incorporate exercise on the way to these destinations. This beats going out of your way to spend a few hours at the gym. And think of all the money you can save without the expensive gym membership.

Just think of taking the stairs as using the stair master at the gym. On average, every 16 steps will equal one floor. If you can manage to take the stairs on a weekly basis, you will be toning the muscles in your lower region. These muscles include glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings. Taking the stairs has many benefits. Overall, you will burn fat, tone muscle, and keep your cardiovascular system in excellent shape, all at the same time. Now that’s what I call multi-tasking.

Seven minutes of stair climbing can lower your risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, weight gain, and clogged arteries. By lowering these risks, you decrease your chances of developing conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Keep in mind, however, that taking the stairs over a long period of time can be hard on your joints. Using an elliptical cycle will solve that problem.

Start Walking The Dog

All dogs need to be walked, no matter what size or breed they are. You can do them and yourself a favor by walking your dogs every day. Even if it’s just around the block. If you don’t have a dog, I’m sure your neighbor would love it if you took Fido off their hands for an hour every other day. Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise and it can help you clear your head after a long, stressful day. If stress is on your mind, you can change up the scenery and go walking in the park, or even hit a scenic, flat hiking trail.  This can help ease your mind and boost your mood. Make sure to take deep breaths before you start your walk. Stretch your legs and take time to smell the roses while you’re out there. Enjoy life for what it is, and be grateful for being alive.

The great thing about walking is that it’s a low impact exercise, which means it can be done over a long period of time without damaging your joints. You can’t say that about running or jogging. Walking is also a great way to reach your fitness goals. By adding a daily walk to your exercise plan you can improve cardiac health, alleviate fatigue, ward off depression, prevent weight gain, reduce the risk for chronic diseases, increase circulation, and improve endurance. And speaking of fitness goals, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a Fitbit to track your activity. This can make daily walks a little more enjoyable and challenging.

The Fitbit is great for exercise motivation because it helps you keep track of your steps. You can challenge yourself to increase your performance overtime. The Fitbit is so easy and simple to use. Just put it on your bra strap, place it in your pants pocket, or wear it on your wrist. It’s shaped like a clip and measures at around 2 inches long and about half an inch thick. The Fitbit can track the number of steps you’ve taken, your heart rate, the distance you’ve walked, and calories you burn. You can even sync the Fitbit to your tablet or phone to record data.

Park Far Away At The Store

If you’re going to incorporate an exercise program into your daily routines, you need to use every opportunity to do this, including that short walk to and from the store. Heck! If you plan to do some shopping at the mall, you can park in the lower level parking garage and take the stairs up to the mall level. Don’t forget to stretch your legs once you step out of your vehicle, then try swinging your arms around in a circular motion to get the blood flowing. Turn that Fitbit on and walk at a steady pace towards the store. You can even count your steps and play a motivating song in your head. So go ahead and put on some headphones, enjoy your favorite playlist on Spotify, and get going on your new workout program. You’re the boss here!

I always park far away whenever I go to a store, especially the grocery store. It just takes the frustration out of driving up and down each lane, hoping I’ll find that parking spot close to the front entrance. This also helps me avoid having to slow down for all the customers leaving and entering the store, which really annoys me. Besides all this, I can find a parking spot much faster and there’s less chance of my car getting dinged by idiots parked next to me.

Turn Cleaning Chores Around The House Into Exercises

Wax on, wax off, as the line went from Miyagi in the 1984 drama film, The Karate Kid, produced by Jerry Weintraub. This is a great example of how you can incorporate exercise into something that needs to be done anyways.

So lets start with the windows, particularly any big windows you may have in your home, like the arcadia door that leads to your backyard. If you don’t have this type of window, you can use most any other big window in your home. Grab some Windex and paper towels. Stand directly in the center of the window and begin using circular motions to wipe down all those handprints that have accumulated over the past few days. Make sure your circular motions are hitting the entire window from side to side. You can also use side to side motions in case that’s more conducive to the type of window you’re cleaning. Start squatting down as you work your way to the bottom of the window. Continue to use those large, circular motions until you’ve wiped the entire window down all the way to the bottom. Switch to the other side of the window and repeat this process. You’ll definitely feel this working your shoulder muscles, biceps, and forearms.

Any household chore that involves scrubbing or wiping down can be used in conjunction with this exercise. Just think about it! You got that tub to scrub, the car to wax, and that dirty kitchen counter to wipe down. It’s time to get busy cleaning. You’ve got this!

Do Leg Lifts Before You Get Out Of Bed in The Morning

Could it get any easier than this? You don’t even need to leave your bed to do this simple exercise. Ok, so it’s 5:30 a.m. and you’ve just hit that snooze button. Now before you fall back asleep, take a deep breath, lay on your back and look at the ceiling. Then start lifting your legs until they point to the ceiling. Do this in reps of five and see how it feels. Increase or decrease the reps to your comfort level.

This is an exercise that will do wonders for your abs. Just think! You could have a six-pack in no time. Right? Well not so fast. You see, having well-toned six-pack abs is easy to acquire by doing this exercise, however, you need to take into consideration the 80/20 rule. 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. You won’t be able to show off your six-pack abs if they’re hiding underneath layers of fat. So work on eating more healthy fats and lean proteins if you want to actually see the results.

Do Small Reps While Watching Your Favorite T.V. Show

Again, if you’re too lazy to work out, I totally get it. So forget the gym membership and just turn on your favorite T.V. show or the latest blockbuster movie. Next, you’ll need to pick the exercise of your choice. This could be anything from doing arm curls, running the treadmill, or even doing simple yoga poses. You can even throw in a workout DVD and follow along doing your favorite Zumba moves. Most people find this approach so much more appealing than hitting the gym because all their focus is on television. They almost forget they are working out. I’ve actually tried this a couple of times at my girlfriend’s house on her elliptical cycle. It was a great experience and a way to multi-task while I’m watching re-runs of Threes Company.

And remember, the couch is right there so go ahead and reward yourself after your work out. Lay down and relax. Bring out your favorite snack and enjoy the next episode of Friends. You just saved yourself time and money by accomplishing two activities at the same time. You didn’t have to pay for a gym membership or spend gas money driving to the gym. In a world where some of us are taking on so much responsibility, It simply makes sense to manage your time as efficiently as possible.

Exercise With Your Family and Play Fitness Oriented Games With Them

You can make exercise fun with games like the Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution. These games are great to play with your kids. And just think how active you’ll be jumping around and dancing all while spending quality time with your beloved family. Everyone can join in on this game. It’s fun for all ages and creates a good cardiovascular workout for the entire family. Heck! You can even invite the neighbors over and have a little dance party.

If you’re not sure what family fitness programs to get, there are quite a few of them out there. You can find all these online and at most local retail stores.

  • My Fitness Coach – Nintendo Wii. by Ubisoft
  • Zumba Fitness Core by Nintendo
  • Gold’s Gym Dance Workout by Nintendo
  • Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout by Nintendo
  • Just Dance 2017 by Wii Fit
  • Universal Aerobic Step by Wii Fit

Go For a Walk At Lunch Time

Instead of sitting in the break room or playing on your phone while eating lunch, use this time wisely and go for a little walk outside. Hopefully, your place of employment is surrounded by beautiful scenery with beach sand, palm trees and that crisp, cool breeze coming in off the ocean. Ok!, maybe this is wishful thinking for most of you. Concrete sidewalks and buildings maybe a little more realistic. Nonetheless, walking on a concrete sidewalk in an industrial environment for a block or two is still exercise regardless of the surrounding environment. Right? So give this a try. It’s a great way to refresh your mind and regain a little bit of energy for the second half of your shift. You’d be amazed how much more productive you’ll be after a short, refreshing walk.

Take advantage of this time. Use this walk wisely. Instead of thinking about how much you hate having to deal with some of your co-workers or that boring meeting you have to attend, focus on your thoughts and mentally go over your gratitude list. Clear your mind and plan your evening. Take deep breaths and turn on your Fitbit. Challenge yourself to see how far you can walk without being late from your lunch break.  

Commute To Work By Bike

If your commute to work isn’t that far, then biking to work is a great option. Just think about all the calories you could burn as you increase the circulation in your body. This is a great way to start your day, especially if you work in an office. This is something I used to do periodically back when I worked 9-5 inside my little, tiny cubicle.

What I noticed the most when I used to bike to work is that I didn’t feel so sluggish and tired at the end of the day. I arrived to work happy and ready to start my day. Cycling really made a difference in my overall performance and everyone else seemed to notice the difference too. I was even able to cut back on those three cups of coffee I had been so accustomed to having. There were at least five other people in my division that rode their bikes to work as well. One guy even rode a folding bicycle to work and he kept it in his office.

Staying Active is Key It’s That Simple

It’s no secret that the more active you are, the better you feel. Exercise increases your circulation, helps your body burn fat, and secretes all those feel-good chemicals in your brain known as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. If you’re not staying active, everything begins to slow down, including your metabolism. This is especially bad if you’re prone to gain weight easily.

Did you know that the more overweight you are, the harder your internal organs have to work to support all that extra weight? This is especially stressful for the heart muscle. Being overweight can lead to all kinds of health issues, including diabetes, heart attack, and even stroke. Don’t let this be you. Start out slow and easy by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. You’d be amazed at how simple this can be, especially when you begin to notice the results. As time goes on, hopefully, you’ll be able to increase your efforts and maybe even join the gym that you drive by every day. Learn more here about health topics for adults.

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