What are Himalayan Salt Lamps Good For?

The himalayan salt lamp is more than just a decorative, glowing lamp. the salt rock lamp can actually benefit your health and your mood

salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps

You’ve heard of them. Salt lamps are known as Himalayan salt lamps, pink Himalayan salt lamps, and even salt rock lamps. They’re being sold at many retail stores, specialty shops, novelty shops, and even online stores. So what’s all the fuss about these salt lamps? They’re just decorative lamps shaped out of blocks of salt right? Actually, salt lamps are more than just a pretty display that you can leave around your home or office. Did you know that salt lamps are known to improve your health, both mentally and physically?

Himalayan Salt Lamps Improve The Air Quality

Adding Himalayan salt lamps to your home or office can actually make it easier for you to breathe. Why? Because when salt lamps get heated by the light bulb inside of them, the heat creates negative ions. These negative ions attach themselves to the tiny dust particles and allergens that are floating around in your home or office. Once the negative ions attach to the dust particles, they become heavy and drop to the floor, making the air much cleaner and easier to breathe. Have you ever gone outside after heavy rainfall and felt that cool, refreshing feeling? That’s the negative ions filling the air, only it’s happening outside instead of in your home or office. This is very beneficial for people like me who suffer from asthma and seasonal allergies throughout the year. If you want to learn how to clean the air in your home, this is definitely one of the many ways to go about it. Consider it another drug-free, holistic health alternative to really consider.

Salt Lamps Can Improve Your Mood and Sleep

You can’t deny the calming effect you feel when you’re in the presence of a salt lamp that’s emitting a soft glow, also known as low emitting light. It can do wonders for your insomnia, especially if you’ve had a long, stressful day at work. Have you ever had your salt lamp turned on while all the lights were off in your sleeping quarters as you get ready to doze off?. I recommend trying this with a few other sleeping tips as well. Before going to bed, make yourself a cup of chamomile tea with two teabags instead of one. Also, try a ten-minute meditation session if you’re able to calm your mind for that long. For some of you, exercise may be a great way to help you wind down as well. One of the best forms of exercise to calm the mind and body is yoga. By applying at least two of these tips before going to bed, you will sleep like a baby in no time.

How Can You Tell If Your Salt Lamp is Genuine?

Don’t get fooled by knock-offs. There are plenty of suppliers out there that are dying to make a quick sale by passing off fake Himalayan salt lamps as the real deal. If you don’t know what to look for, you could very well end up with what you may think is a genuine, pink salt lamp looking pretty on your living room table. These are the companies that don’t provide you with a good return policy because they’re just out to make a quick buck. So here’s what to look for.

Salt Lamps Are Very Fragile

Just think about it! Himalayan Salt lamps are made from blocks of natural salt. So you can’t expect them to be strong and durable. Right? I don’t know how you would test this out, but if you happen to accidentally drop your salt lamp and it doesn’t break, that’s definitely going to be a red flag. Genuine salt lamps are extremely fragile. That’s why suppliers are very good at properly packaging their Himalayan salt lamps. Nobody wants to deal with returns that could have been avoided in the first place.

Where is Your Salt Lamp From?

Always check the sticker or label on your lamp that indicates where the salt lamp is from. If it’s not from Pakistan then you can bet it’s a fake. Real pink Himalayan salt comes from Khewra, which is located in the western foothills of the Himalayan mountains. This is the only place where true Himalayan pink salt is found. Also, some suppliers try to be sneaky by stating the country of origin as to where the pink salt lamp was assembled and not where it is actually from. Make sure you clearly understand where your salt lamp was imported from, and where it was assembled.

Is Your Salt Lamp Real Bright?

If your salt lamp is giving off bright light then there’s a good chance it’s not a genuine salt lamp. Real salt lamps are always going to be medium pink to dark orange in color. They will always give off a very dim light.  Also, real salt lamps will emit an uneven soft glow. This is due to the many shades of colors the salt blocks contain. Lighter colored salt lamps do exist, however, they are rare and because of there rarity, they are higher in price too.

Did You Get a Screaming Deal On Your Salt Lamp?

Whoa!! Don’t get too excited. Keep in mind that shipping gigantic Himalayan salt blocks around the world from the Himalayan mountains is very costly, not to mention the labor costs involved. It takes a lot of work busting up Himalayan salt blocks, shaping them, then drilling holes for the bulb to fit in, as well as installing the base. Most genuine, new salt lamps sell for around $30.00 on up to $120.00, depending on size and color. If you run across a brand new salt lamp that’s selling for a ridiculously low price, there’s definitely a good reason to question its authenticity

Now that you know what to look out for, you should have no problem finding a genuine supplier that sells only authentic Himalayan salt lamps, like The Salt Lady located in Mesa, Arizona. They actually import the Himalayan salt blocks shipped from Pakistan to their store in Arizona. Most people that enjoy the benefits of their Himalayan salt lamps also take interest in similar items such as Himalayan rock salt gifts, Himalayan salt puffers, salt lamp bulbs, and more. If you’re ever in need of a bulb or cord replacement for your salt lamp, please visit www.saltlampbulbs.com.

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