Not a Fan of Yoga Classes?

For most people, yoga classes are fun, but if you’re in need of more personalized attention then it wouldn’t hurt to try private yoga classes in Phoenix.

yoga arizona

yoga arizona

Phoenix Yoga Classes are Great, But They’re Not For Everyone

I can relate to what it felt like trying a Phoenix yoga class for the very first time. I remember getting to class early so I could make sure I was in the back of the yoga class. I wanted to avoid the embarrassment if I wasn’t able to keep up with everyone in the class. I had no idea how hard or easy it was going to be.

I layed down my yoga mat and sat there watching yoga students walk into the studio every so often. After about fifteen minutes,  I counted 18 students all sitting on their yoga mats. Some of them were stretching, while others were conversing with each other. Next thing I know the yoga instructor walked into class and closed the door behind her. Yoga class had begun.

Here We Go!

Once the yoga instructor finished introducing herself, she began class with a few easy poses. I remember one of them being down dog which was pretty easy. But sure enough as class went on I found myself struggling with poses that required more strength than I had and a lot of balancing skills as well. I had to actually pretend like I was holding the poses because I didn’t want to just sit there while the entire class kept up with the instructor.

After class, I was tired and sweaty. The poses I was able to hold long enough did a good work out for me and I felt like a worn out rubber band.

I wanted to introduce myself to the instructor at the end of class and ask her a few questions. Unfortunately for me, several other students beat me to it. They all seemed like good friends and were chatting up a storm. I left the yoga class feeling frustrated and not sure if I wanted to take another class.

My New Phoenix Yoga Instructor

Lucky for me I had been good friends with a Phoenix yoga instructor I knew through some of the hiking trips I went on. I told her about my first experience in yoga class and how frustrated I was. She went on to explain how yoga can work for anyone. It’s just a matter of customizing the art of yoga to suit your body type, skill level, and current health conditions.

At the time she was working with several students doing Phoenix personal yoga sessions with them. She had worked with an elderly lady that had challenges with her weight and a few students that loved yoga but didn’t care for the classes too much. I ended up taking about six personal sessions from her and I am certainly glad that I did.

What A Difference

My very first personal yoga session with her was amazing in comparison to my first experience in that yoga class. She gave me a free assessment which involved a series of questions. She then had me doing yoga poses that worked for my lower back and stress levels. These were the areas I needed to work on the most. It was awesome because I didn’t feel intimidated and I was able to take my time learning all the poses that were customized for me and not an entire studio full of yoga students.

I learned all about yoga in that first session and the best thing about this physical form of exercise is that yoga works the body and the mind. The fact that I can alleviate my physical pain and decrease my anxiety all in one session is absolutely priceless to me. 

A New Arizona Yoga Fan is Born

I take personal yoga sessions twice a week now and every so often I’ll attend a yoga class with my fellow yoga friends. The personal yoga sessions have done wonders for me. I get to work on alleviating my lower back pain using specific yoga poses that work certain muscles which only my yoga instructor seems to know about.

And the anxiety! Had I known how effective yoga can be in lowering your stress and anxiety levels I would have already been a yoga fan years ago. For me, this doesn’t compare to when I worked out at the gym. Sure, pumping iron and doing cardio on the elliptical cycle helped me to relax physically but feelings of peace and prosperity never came with that. So if you’re looking to try yoga for the first time or even if you’ve been taking yoga classes for a while, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try a personal yoga session. With private sessions, you and the instructor get to focus on what works for you and not an entire classroom of students. 

How You Can Benefit From Personal Yoga Sessions

  • Gain confidence
  • Work on poses that are fit for you and not an entire classroom of students
  • Get a much better understanding of yoga and how it works the body, mind and soul
  • Get personalized attention to your needs based on your health, body type and lifestyle
  • Increase your range of motion and prevent injuries for sports activities

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